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"Community is EVERYTHING and I am so thankful for this one!" - Store Owner, USA

"Ride or Die for you 💕"- Designer, USA


An enneagram 8 met up with another millennial & a gen-z'r with a notebook, ring light, & a knack for kicking ass in business. Together, we have grown an unbelievable community of badass women who are CHANGING the bridal industry & doing better business... together. Since our founding in 2019, it’s been a true privilege to not only grow bridal stores & bridal designers, but also grow this community.


In November of 2019, after growing a bridal business by over 40% for 12 months straight, it was time to leap. Shortly after Grace Consulting Company was founded, bridal stores & bridal designers from all over the world began joining the community & little did we know how important this growing community would become. Together, we navigated a global pandemic, a cultural revolution, a political war, & so much tragedy. But, we did it. We did it together. 

We believe that the good will always win. We believe that our job is to leave this world a better place. We believe that there is always something to learn, even if it means we are unlearning. We believe that most of us are not chasing money, but freedom. We believe that every person who finds us, is meant to. We believe that it's a privilege to do what we do every day. We believe that together we can change our world. And lastly, we believe in what we do. & more importantly, we believe in you. 

Let us be clear. This was never about just consulting, making money, or living out some far out dream. This was about changing the world we work in every day. This is about changing this industry we all love so deeply. This is about doing better business, together. This is about not only living out our purpose, but helping you live out yours. Creating a better world one business at a time. 



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"Grace has an arsenal of information and tools to help any new (like us) or struggling bridal business to gain growth and success! I am so glad that I connected with this AMAZING company!" - Store Owner, USA



Truly a fan favorite. Have a quick question, need specific guidance, or want the perfect "introduction" to consulting without a big cost or commitment?


I feel inspired for the first time in a loooong time. 💖- Designer, USA


For those that have had the opportunity to do a workshop with us, you know how truly life-changing they are. In fact, we leave most workshops ready to book the next one. In-person or virtual intensives cover A LOT of ground at one time. Our goal is to set you up in those 4-5 days then leave you with a to-do list & maintenance plan to keep up with everything we've changed.



 “I didn't know how much I needed an "outsiders" help - it has helped me in SO MANY WAYS!” - Store Owner, USA


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Wanting to level up, hand things off, &/or get your brand started off on the right foot? Let us introduce you to personalized done-for-you services that will help you grow a sustainable business.