Let's be real. If you don't have sales, you don't have a business. If you aren't sure where to start, making more money rarely hurts. 

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Taken by stores & even designers who are looking to better understand the challenge that stylists face, the Master Stylist Sales Course is a staple in bridal stores across the world. 


"As the owner of a new bridal boutique (opened in 2019) I bought the Master Stylist Sales Course in May 2020 and it was one of--If not-- THE SINGLE BEST investment I have made into my bridal business. Grace is a master at bridal and sales. She teaches bridal sales in a way that is fun, relatable and is so full of valuable information. We invested in the course over the U.S. mandated shutdowns and our (appointment based) close ratios went from 50% before the pandemic to 86% just one month after opening back up and implementing the courses materials! This training is helpful to new and experienced staff and will surely help stylists of all skill levels! In addition to the course Grace has an arsenal of information and tools to help any new (like us) or struggling bridal business to gain growth and success! I am so glad that I connected with this AMAZING company!"  - Brand Owner, Kansas, USA"

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