Grace Bunk & Meredith Hunt with Grace Consulting Company

Give us a call, babe. 

Need an immediate Oprah, business therapy session or have a Tim Gunn, make it work moment? We are waiting for you. 

"Grace & Meredith were both very helpful. Hearing another person's perspective is so useful but it's more than that. Talking through areas that you know require improvement + figuring a way through them is more what we accomplished. To do that with someone who is focused on you/your goals/your industry and are experts in their field, that is just not something you come across in this industry every day." - Brand Owner, Calgary, CA 

Also known as our business therapy sessions. Because business is just as much mental as it is crunching numbers. We’re here to provide holistic business support. Whether that be creating a game plan for buying at upcoming markets or combating imposter syndrome - give us a call babe, it’s what we’re here for. 

meet your business therapists

The calls from design reps came flooding in, curious about consulting, after growing a bridal boutique by 40% for 12 months straight. Flash forward to today, GCC supports bridal stores & designers all over the world.

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Grace, mind like no other, is our big picture thinker, dreamer, & the ultimate strategist. Whether you're just starting out, needing a serious look in the mirror, or ready for the next level, Grace is your girl. Supporting stores & designers all over the world since 2019 allows her to bring incredible perspective to every call.


Marissa, absolute numbers nerd & data manager, is a Wisconsin native with a bachelor's degree in Retailing & Consumer Behavior and has over 10 years of retail experience both in-store & at the corporate level. She has always had a love for fashion & has dreamed of opening her own boutique, which she made possible Dec 2019. Call her up for anything inventory, merchandising & store owner advice.

Emerald Capers // Press & Marketing Strategy

Emmy, our sales & media queen who has a passion for growing awareness & building inclusive, diverse brands. She has worked on all sides of the industry giving her a strong perspective of "the bigger picture". If you are a brand looking for a PR strategy, or a store or designer looking for inclusivity & diversity training, give her a call. 

let us give you the rundown


You can book a 30-minute or 60-minute call with one of our expert consultants & they will give you their undivided attention on whatever business topic you need help with! You will be prompted to fill us in on what you need so we can best prepare for the call! For both the 30 & 60-minute sessions, please be prepped with a list of questions, a notebook, & be ready for homework (but the good homework, not the B.S. busy work). 



Have a quick question, looking to follow up on a product or service, or maybe you quite literally just need a motivating voice to talk to & get you back on track. Whatever your goal is, we’re to provide you with solution-focused conversation, & leave you with takeaways and an action plan to keep you moving forward.  

Common Examples: 

“I have a few random questions on Instagram - some of the myths floating around & want to make sure our bio is properly optimized.”   '

“Looking to go over the changes we made to our pre-sell after our last call.” 

“Just had a trunk show with a designer we are thinking of picking up, but want to get your opinion on a few things we noticed.”



Need specific guidance, want to create a strategic game plan, or ready to commit to recurring consulting? Our 60-minute calls are for you. These calls are often ones that become a series of calls. Meaning that entrepreneurs will often book an hour for something & it will lead to a few more hour long calls helping them build an action plan for their desired goal. 


Common Examples:

“I need help building out a strategy / marketing plan for our Instagram”   

“Looking to build a pre-sell for our boutique to increase our sales ratio” 

“Just had a trunk show with a designer we are thinking of picking up, & we want to pick them up but need help with analyzing our current inventory to see what dresses we should choose from the collection, how many we should pick up, etc.” 

"Also, legit just having that meeting with you last week, I went on to sell three dresses that weekend. Just having you in my life gave me such a confidence boost." - Store Owner, Canada


All appointments are requested. They are not booked until you receive a confirmation email & text from GCC.