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Pulling back the curtain on the bridal industry.


In 2018, Grace finally left the world of corporate bullshit. The next chapter began by starting over. By un-learning every rule, every behavior, every belief about money, purpose, success, & even life itself. By finding her way back in bridal with a fresh notebook & new-found energy. By redefining self-care & balance. By finding a different, much needed community of people. By a pivotal perspective shift. 

In November of 2019, after growing a bridal boutique by over 40% for 12 months straight, it was time to leap. Shortly after Grace Consulting Company was founded, bridal stores & bridal designers from all over the world began joining the community & little did we know how important this growing community would become.


Together, we navigated a global pandemic, a cultural revolution, a political war, & so much tragedy. But, we did it. We did it together. 

Let me be clear. This was never about just consulting, making money, or living out a dream. This was about changing the world. This is about changing your world. This is about not only living out our purpose, but supporting as many dreamers as possible to live out their idea of "a better world", one business at a time. 

Flash forward to today, Grace Consulting Company continues to set records like 228% growth in one month, 500% increase in website clicks on Instagram over 3 months, doubling appointment counts just two weeks after a re-brand & website re-build, & countless more stories just like the ones above.



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We’re buckled up & we’re ready for the long game.

We believe that the good will always win. We believe that our job is to leave this world a better place. We believe that there is always something to learn, even if it means we are unlearning.


We believe that most of us are not chasing money, but freedom. We believe that every person who finds us, is meant to.


We believe that it's a privilege to do what we do every day.


We do what we do because we’re frustrated in the old way of thinking & we’re addicted to helping others succeed. This is about supporting determined entrepreneurs create their idea of a “better world”, all while creating ours.


Let's get this sh*t started!

Whether you are looking for a quick fix or a serious jumpstart in your business, we got you babe