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Scaling Bridal Businesses Around the world

since 2019

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London Bridal Week



We have grown so much in the last year by being bolder and just trying new things. If you aren't following GCC on Instagram you should!! She changed our lives!!! So much about our business has changed and our money is way up even through COVID. She has some awesome free podcasts I listen to before my major Saturday selling days." -  Midwest Bridal Store Owner, USA



Founded in November 2019

Behind Bridal Podcast is launched & we begin virtually consulting stores in the U.S.

February 2020

Client sees 228% growth in just 1 month after a 4-day workshop.

May 2020

Client sees 500% increase in website clicks over 3 months after marketing consulting.

December 2019

The famous 4-day workshops are born & we begin consulting on the design side as well.

June 2020

Client sees 40% increase in close ratio after sales consulting.

March & April 2020

COVID closes down most of bridal industry. We focus on providing free education & our podcast hits 1,000 downloads in late April.



We are a collective committed to doing better business in the bridal industry. Our focus is on business development, brand management + company culture. What gives our team cohesion, on paper at least, is a bridal background & overlapping work history, but that's not what makes us who we are. Over the last 3 years, we have been “collecting” people on our team that we are inspired by, pushed by, & intrigued by. Each person, strong in their convictions, strategic in their thinking, & kind in the way they view the world. 

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Work with Us

Get started working 1-on-1 with our team in The Residency. Our team of business consultants work with stores & designers through our famous workshops, monthly retainer programs, & virtual or in-person project-based consulting. We will start by getting to know you & deciding what & how is the best way for us to support your business.

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Listened in 65+ countries. 135+ episodes. 20,000+ downloads.

Tune in anywhere you want.

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